What We Do


We specialise in creating content with character and our animation work covers 2D, CG and stop motion animation as well as graphics. We’ve delivered projects for broadcast, online and mobile for the likes of the BBC and British Council, as well as our own in house short films.


We’ve worked across a range of channels and programmes including documentaries, television pilots and a BAFTA-nominated Newsround Special for CBBC. We’re a BBC-roster agency and our broadcast work covers the following services.



While we work directly with the likes of the British Heart Foundation, COI and British Council we also enjoy working with advertising, digital, marketing and PR agencies. We’ve worked in a number of capacities on brands including Adidas, Nokia, Capital One and Drinkaware. These projects have included creating television commercials, online films, as well as delivering full scale digital media campaigns that combine animation, advertising and print.

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In House

As well as our client work we also spend time on developing our projects. This gives us the opportunity to further flex our creative muscle and test out new ideas and explore the characters and stories that come from our directors minds. These In House projects include our short films that have been screened at film festivals worldwide, won awards and received hundreds of thousands of views online.

The Nether RegionsWriters BlockAin’t No FishYou Must Be JokingWhy Did The Chicken Cross The Road


WONKY create charismatic characters with personality, not just good looks, to grab the attention of your target audience. All the WONKY illustrators get this and know how to inject them with just the right individuality to fit your brand and stand out. We work with a wide array of artists and illustrators who vary from character designers to street artists and cover a wide variety of visual styles. Our team of illustrators also have experience working across a wide range of media having produce content for print, display, and online media.

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By combining our animation, design and digital skills means we offer services across web design and development, online games and app development. Being WONKY means we look at digital media from another angle; constantly looking at new ways of delivering interactive content in fun and engaging way. Thanks to funding through the Technology Strategy Board, South West Screen, Lottery and Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio we’ve been able to carry out research and development into new entertainment formats including location-based films and games.

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